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Addiction is a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite knowing of the negative consequences. Below is a compilation of famous quotes and sayings relating to addiction. If you know of a famous quote on addiction that you think would make a good addition, let us know.

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A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health.  ~ Clarence Day

If addiction is judged by how long a dumb animal will sit pressing a lever to get a "fix" of something, to its own detriment, then I would conclude that netnews is far more addictive than cocaine.  ~ Rob Stampfli

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.  ~ Carl Gustav Jung

The only thing I'm addicted to right now is winning.  ~ Charlie Sheen

A miracle drug is any drug that will do what the label says it will do.  ~ Eric Hodgins

He does not need opium.  He has the gift of reverie.  ~ Anais Nin

All men are tempted. There is no man that lives that can't be broken down, provided it is the right temptation, put in the right spot.  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

I don't do drugs.  I am drugs.  ~ Salvador Dali

Drugs are very much a part of professional sports today, but when you think about it, golf is the only sport where the players aren't penalized for being on grass.  ~ Bob Hope

Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs.  ~ Lily Tomlin

Whether you sniff it smoke it eat it or shove it up your ass the result is the same: addiction.  ~ William S. Burroughs

All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation.  ~ W.H. Auden

Don't do drugs because if you do drugs you'll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison.  ~ John Hardwick

The passions of the young are vices in the old. ~ Joseph Joubert

Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users?  ~ Clifford Stoll

Drugs are a carnival in hell.  ~ Edith Piaf

Addiction should never be treated as a crime. It has to be treated as a health problem. We do not send alcoholics to jail in this country. Over 500,000 people are in our jails who are nonviolent drug users.  ~ Ralph Nader

It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy.  ~ Chinese proverb

The more necessary it becomes to stop drinking, the more impossible it becomes to stop.  ~ Jeffrey Bernard

Drugs have taught an entire generation of American kids the metric system.  ~ P.J. O'Rourke

Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.  ~ George Carlin

I have absolutely no pleasure in the stimulants in which I sometimes so madly indulge. It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom.  ~ Edgar Allan Poe

I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.  ~ Unknown

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